The decision that started a war

We all know about the Trojan war; our brave men went to rescue Helen from the grasp of Paris. But what we may not be fully aware of is the real cause of the war. We have been made to think that Paris was acting alone. But we have been told that the war was some sort of scheme set up by the Goddesses and The OG has the scoop on their part in the war.  

Its nothing short of a “who’s the fairest of them all?” story an insider from Paris’s court has told us. Our source tells us how Hera, Athena and Aphrodite appeared to Paris asking him to settle a dispute they were having. The dispute is by far one extremely petty one in hindsight and exposes truly what the goddesses are like behind all their glory. Our insider continued to inform us that it was in fact Zeus who sent the goddesses to Paris and he was to decide which was the fairest out of them. Our source tells us that to make this more appealing to Paris the Goddesses presented him with bribes. Athena promised Paris victory in war, very cliché if you ask me but quite enticing at the same time. Hera was next to offer Paris power; the source was unsure of what extent the power went to for Paris. We are guessing not far enough for him as it was Aphrodite who won with her offer which would award Paris with the love of the loveliest woman in the world. It must be a lonely world for Princes as Paris granted that Aphrodite was the fairest out of the goddesses. Helen was the pawn in this competition and she fell in love, thanks to the help of Aphrodite, with Paris and they eloped and went back to Troy. We are not surprised that Paris chose Aphrodite as we all know she is the most beautiful, but don’t let Hera or Athena know that. The promise of the love of the fairest lady in the land is also very convincing, one can aspire and achieve victory and power on their own merits, but the idea of true love is something you cannot just achieve. We are going to guess that he probably shouldn’t have gone with Aphrodite in the grand scheme of things we can see that Athena was very unhappy with Paris’ decision, which might explain why things didn’t end too well for Troy, but that’s another story.

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