Zeus and his male lover

Zeus and Ganymede

Zeus didn’t become the leading God of the Olympians without being able to outsmart people and see the loopholes that he can abuse. This was never seen more clearly than his relationship with Ganymede. In our society relationships between grown powerful men with younger boys. There wasn’t really much Hera could do about it but it was inevitable that she would get jealous.

Ganymede was a shepherd Zeus spotted on Mount Ida whilst he was tending to his flock. Zeus appeared to Ganymede in the form of an eagle.

Ganymede was made the official cupbearer to Zeus. Eos, captured Ganymede from Zeus to make him her lover alongside her other lover Tithonus. Zeus wasn’t prepared to let Ganymede go quite so easily so in exchange for the return of Ganymede Zeus granted Eos immortality for Tithonus. Some believe that this was a weakness in Zeus by giving in to Eos, but although Zeus granted Tithonus immortality Zeus didn’t make it so he never aged, leaving Eos to watch her lover eternally age.

As ever Zeus did fear for his lovers having to experience to rage of Hera’s jealousy. To prevent Hera from raging on Ganymede Zeus eternalised him as the constellation of Aquarius, the cup bearer.

We did get word that Ganymede’s father was well compensated by Zeus when he learned about the disappearance of his son, some sources say he was given a golden vine other sources say it was storm footed horses. What we are sure about is that thanks to the favour he managed to achieve from Zeus, Ganymede was immortalised.

XOXO, Gossip God


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