The ascension of the Olympus Gods

According to Hesiod the myth surrounding how the Olympus gods got into power is one of family civil disputes and some crazy predictions.

It all started with the Titan God Ouranos, who feared succession so much that he forced his offspring back in to Gaia his wife. Ouranos wasn’t the only Titan who feared his offspring would threaten his rule, Kronos had the same paranoia.

Kronos went a step further than Ouranos to ensure his children wouldn’t be a threat to him. Kronos decided to swallow his children against the wishes of his wife Rheia. At this time Rheia was pregnant with Zeus. Fearing her unborn child would meet the same fate she sought advice and decided to flee to the island of Crete, where she was able to give birth to Zeus in peace.

In order to prevent Kronos from searching the land for Zeus, Rheia smartly wrapped a stone in cloth and handed it over to Kronos. Kronos without further inspection swallowed the stone thinking it was Zeus and went on about his business. Little did he know Zeus was still alive and being nurtured by his mother.

Once Zeus was old and strong enough to face his father and take over his rule. Zeus found the power to force Kronos to vomit up everything he had swallowed, which were Zeus’ elder siblings.

Zeus didn’t end it there he decided that it was time to overthrow the Titans and take the rule for himself.

The battle was lengthy and an uphill struggle for Zeus and the other Olympian gods as the Titans were more experienced and had the upper hand of having suppressed the powers of the rest of the Olympian gods prior to Zeus’ intervention.

Luckily for Zeus his training and power had paid off and he was able to defeat the Titans through the power of his thunderbolt. He imprisoned the Titans in Tartarus

The fear of succession didn’t end once the Titans were defeated and the Olympians became the ruling gods in Greece. Zeus too feared that the first son born after Athene would be the one who would depose him. He knew he had to act. He decided to swallow the mother of Athene and gave birth to her through his head, therefore she would not have been born and therefore there couldn’t be a son born after her.

Zeus had managed to prevent at all cost any threat of succession and arguably he did very well in ensuring this.

We are just glad we aren’t the children of these Gods or Zeus himself as we don’t think we could live constantly looking over our shoulders fearing our parents or children trying to take us out.

Thank Zeus you aren’t part of that messed up family either.

XOXO, Gossip God


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